Outdoor learning gets the attention it deserves around the world

At Playforce we’ve always shouted about the importance of taking learning outdoors and we’re certainly not the only ones. An interesting article recently released on the Natural England blog celebrates the buzz around getting children outdoors and asks ‘are we at the turning point for outdoor learning?’

With more celebrities, commercial companies and renowned educationalists endorsing the value of getting children outdoors, taking learning into the playground has become a global conversation, rooted in evidence, about quality education, health and childhood. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite facts from the article about outdoor learning around the world:


The Education Minister recently announced recommendations to increase physical activity to at least 3 hours a day. Their plan is to meet this target by including more physical education and outdoor activities into their school curriculum. 


In Singapore, outdoor education is viewed as central to supporting the social and cultural values underpinning education outcomes. Their Ministry of Education has recently approved and funded an outdoor education master plan for outdoor experiences throughout schooling.


‘Udeskole’, a grassroots programme of learning outside the classroom combines teacher values and experiences with policy support and funding to spread the practice more widely to meet the ambition for more active and engaged pupils. 

We talked recently about the ways in which learning environments can benefit learning outcomes. The key to successful outdoor learning, is to ensure that it is an integral part of long-term curriculum planning. We work hard to make sure our playground equipment is designed to fit into the school routine and we love to put together resources to help you take your learning outdoors. Click some of the links below for some of our outdoor learning ideas and keep your eyes peeled for more coming your way soon. 

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