Protecting and educating: cyber security


eaware is a provider of cyber awareness programs with a strong focus on assessing the vulnerability of minors. It provides invaluable tailored cyber awareness guides for students, teachers and schools, with associated remediation programs. 

Cyber security is an increasingly hot topic, with cyber attacks reported daily. The threats affect the lives of teachers and students who are regularly confronted with risks to their online safety. The new computing curriculum has been designed to equip children with the necessary skills required to operate effectively in the digital world. There are also an increasing number of career opportunities in the vibrant and growing cyber security profession.

So not only from a safe-guarding perspective but from one of teaching and learning it is important for schools to not only protect their students but also to educate them.

Delivered via an interactive application the eaware assessment service will provide a true reading of the vulnerability of children operating online and provide schools and parents with guidance and tailored remediation solutions to address vulnerability and increase cyber awareness maturity. 

The web portal is an information repository connecting people to a wealth of information on cyber safety both social and technical advice including useful guides on how to configure safeguards on your laptop, tablet, phone and social media accounts, and what to do if you are a victim of bullying or other forms of online exploitation.

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Joe Brewer  РCommunications Executive, eaware 

Joe graduated University in 2012, planning to teach, however following a child protection disclosure he decided his skills were best utilised outside the classroom environment, and so followed his desire and passion for protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

This led Joe to work with families struggling with issues relating to addiction and mental health, then later Joe found his niche specialising in online Child Protection working with the IWF.

During his time at the IWF Joe was at the frontline in the fight against online Child Sexual Abuse, working in-conjunction with global police forces and organisations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. Drawing on this experience Joe has become uniquely placed to understand how predators can utilise the internet to groom and exploit minors, robbing them of their dignity, rights and innocence.

He joined eaware in 2016, with the desire to work for an organisation that was the industry leader in ensuring children and parents are equipped with the skills necessary to be safe online.