Putting the wonder back into learning


Children are full of wonder. Natural curiosity, and our ability to act on it, is what sets us apart from other species, and it’s what makes us all want to learn.

At The Wonder Why Society, we provide a fully moderated, subscription based collaborative learning platform where primary school children can safely connect, create debate and innovate. We get children, teachers and parents to learn together; the three most important strands of a child’s education, all together in one place.

Children join The Wonder Why Society and embark upon a top secret mission of discovery. Here, they explore an exciting world of wonders: news, views and discoveries, stories, and exciting content – all of which has been created by industry experts.

Teachers can use our inspiring materials, which are mapped to the curriculum, to encourage children to develop higher order thinking skills. They also enable teachers to connect with each other, share best practice and save time.

Use our materials to set tasks, develop thinking, and engage students in any subject. As they also outline curriculum coverage and can be used as evidence towards learning objectives, they support you inmeeting the Government’s British Values, as outlined in its Prevent Strategy.

Come visit our den (stand number 22) and join us on our mission, to put the wonder back into learning!

Website: www.thewonderwhysociety.co.uk

Twitter: @thewonderwhysoc


Founder and writer, Sam Fisher, never stops wondering; it’s what gets her out of bed in the morning. With a background in further education and publishing, Sam is passionate about giving children exciting and creative ways to learn.