Real time insights into learning


At CENTURY our mission is to improve learning outcomes by providing students with a personalised learning experience and educators with the tools needed to support evidence based teaching.

Students access a wide range of multi-modal learning material via CENTURY and complete short quizzes after each topic. In turn, it provides constructive feedback to learners with messaging that encourages a growth mindset and resilience. 

Based on learners’ interactions with the platform, CENTURY uses machine learning to provide a recommended learning path, ensuring any gaps in knowledge are addressed.

Educators receive real-time insights into their students’ learning, enabling targeted interventions where necessary and reducing the time spent on marking and data management.

Having launched in schools in September 2016, CENTURY is already supporting thousands of students. Our ambition for 2017 is to continue to innovate and to ensure even more teachers and learners can benefit from CENTURY. Our friendly team of former teachers, data scientists and developers can’t wait to attend Bett, so that we can show educators our platform (we’re really quite proud of it!) as well as learn even more about how technology can make a difference to education. We look forward to seeing you on stand F60.

Website: http://www.century.tech/

Twitter: @ThisIsCentury