Safeguarding Monitor – For the safeguarding of children and welfare of school staff [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Safeguarding Monitor is the first complete safeguarding package. Its aim – to help schools keep children safe while reducing workload and delivering a clear picture.

Our company has a moral purpose – the safeguarding of children and the welfare of school staff. We believe that intelligent use of IT can help schools to gain a clear oversight of their duties and make the management of safeguarding more efficient and effective.

We combine educational, IT and legal expertise to serve schools. We believe we can save schools money, allow them to demonstrate their good practice and tackle any challenges quickly and effectively. Our product covers auditing, action planning and casework management (including pastoral care, child protection and all aspects of the school environment).

Schools can push requirements from the audit section into action planning; likewise, alerts from the casework section are managed in action planning. Actions can be immediate or treated as project management tasks.

We work with excellent schools so that our product meets schools’ needs. We ensure that schools have the package working as they wish: access rights, pupil characteristics, etc. are set up on a school by school basis.

We aim to make our products comprehensive: for children’s welfare that’s a child’s pastoral needs, medical (including mental health), medication, first aid, child protection and Prevent casework. It’s also the school environment: security, site logs, alerts for necessary repairs, necessary maintenance, risk assessments, fire safety, evacuation, emergency and disaster recovery planning.

Staff responsibilities are covered with logs for safety and first aid training, with alerts triggered when reaccreditation is approaching. Safe recruitment procedures can be logged. All colleagues’ reading of core documents can be logged and digitally signed.

For the school leaders, there’s a full audit section based on all the national documents with safeguarding requirements: over 3,000 pages of guidance. We have tried to write one question that answers as many requirements in as many documents as possible (they’re all mapped). This will give managers and governors the clearest oversight and help them show others (perhaps an inspector) how thorough the school’s safeguarding is.

A vault contains links to all relevant national documents and we’re developing templates to support schools. Leaders can also add their own policies and procedures as well as adding links to evidence of compliance.

This is a complete package that is streamlined and efficient. Records, reports and analyses can be generated.

The Company is accredited to ISO 27001 (as of 14/12/2017) – ensuring data security. All MIS packages interact with the system with synchronisation up to twice-daily.

To meet the demands of GDPR, we are now developing Data Monitor to enable schools to record data processing as efficiently as possible. The company also offers schools safeguarding consultancy and support.

For more information, visit Safeguarding Monitor’s website.