Supply cover minus time and cost


Schools spend so much time and money on sourcing quality supply cover. As a Governor, I saw this as a significant drain on school’s budgets. So, at Worktu we connect schools to local supply teachers online.

As a primary school governor, I know exactly how much an average school actually spends on supply teachers. However, this issue got serious for my school when we could no longer afford the cost of hiring a supply teacher and the head teacher himself began to teach the class.

This sector has been waiting for a cost-effective alternative, as schools face an eight per cent budget cut by 2020 and need to begin making savings as early as possible

At Worktu, we have worked with schools and teachers around London to create a cost saving alternative to recruitment agencies. Schools simply login to our website, post a job and receive a confirmation from a teacher within minutes.

Not only do we provide efficiency but we also provide transparency with our fees. We charge schools a booking fee of £27 for every teacher they book.

Our aim is to save schools up 30 per cent of the current cost of hiring a supply teacher and what we’re looking forward to most when exhibiting the Bett Show next year is to meet you and tell you all about Worktu! Please come to see us on stand 30 in the Bett Futures area.

Website: http://worktu.com

Twitter: @worktuapp