Training Toolz – An innovative alternative to whole-school CPD [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Schools have an ever expanding requirement for mandatory training, from recruitment and induction to safeguarding and CPD, the list goes on and on. And it’s not just teachers who have the legal requirement to participate in this training; non-contact staff, contractors and not least governors all have a requirement set out by the Department for Education to undertake various training courses. To buy all this training in would not only be logistically challenging, but hugely expensive, so schools are turning to their own staff to create and deliver peer-to-peer training.

Getting all the relevant members of staff in one place at one time to conduct internal training is no mean feat and is invariably going to impact on the teachers’ already packed timetable. By comparison, online training can be created once and then completed by the trainee at a time that is convenient to them. No need to book people and resources either inside or outside the school timetable, saving both time and money. It also means that the training can be repeated as and when required for new starters, etc.

TrainingToolz allows schools to quickly and easily convert their training material into an online course to share with their colleagues.

The platform is also flexible, so you can create tests, quizzes, surveys – any kind of interactive communication. This also makes it perfect for policy distribution.

Not only that, but because all the content is tracked online, you can quickly provide evidence of the activity that has taken place in your school.

TrainingToolz can be mastered in minutes. The platform is intuitively designed with all the features needed to create effective training courses – no need for a degree in design or technology! Simply add content, videos, images and questions into the TrainingToolz template and hey presto, you have a training assignment ready to go.

It doesn’t even cost anything to get started. You can create your courses at your own pace and don’t need to activate a paid subscription until you are ready to start training. Even then, it’s only £25 per month.

If you’d like to discuss further, come to stand in the Bett Futures area at Bett 2018. And for more information, visit TrainingToolz’s website.


Free GDPR Training – Launching 1 February 2018

Visitors to Bett can register for an exclusive invitation to receive our brand new GDPR training course to help schools understand how to stay compliant with the impending changes to data protection legislation.