Understand coding fundamentals


There are many resources on the market to support the development of computer science skills in schools. However, where we felt there was a gap in the market was a tool to help users to understand coding fundamentals and the working principles of a computer based device through a customizable game console: one that encourages them to create their own video games and to add new functionalities by using various electronic gadgets and sensors.

So, to fill this gap we created Creoqode 2048; an all-inclusive DIY kit that allows users to build their game console and create their own video games while learning about coding. 2048 is named after the LED display that is used for this game console. The display has 2048 LED chips that are aligned in a 64 x 32 matrix form. The brightness and range of colours creates a unique platform for creating retro-style video games.

The foundation of our design principle was flexibility. In today’s technology rich world, we wanted the students to use the resource and fully engage with other technologies. Creoqode Mini Mega Development Board uses an ATmega2560 microcontroller that is fully compatible with Arduino IDE and works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. 2048 is therefore fully customizable and there are more than 50 free analog and digital pins left after assembly, for users to improve their 2048 by adding new electronic gadgets and sensors.

Speaking the language of today‚Äôs students, Creoqode encourages them to create their¬†own video games, music visualisers¬†and even convert their¬†game¬†console into a remote control for their¬†drone. 2048 can easily be used by any student regardless of their level of experience. Both new learners and experienced programmers will be able to create their own video game in just a couple of hours. Tutorials and booklets are provided to make users’ experience smoother and more fun.

2048 is a great way for beginners to learn about programming algorithms. Users will be able to code based on three variables: the coordinates, the colour, and the illumination duration of an individual LED chip.

To make things even easier for teachers, we provide coding tutorials through our online platform Qode Share, for the ones who are new to coding or want to improve their skills through the shared knowledge of our community. Additionally, we offer schools a comprehensive educational pack to effectively integrate 2048 into their computer programming curriculum.

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Website: www.creoqode.com

Twitter: @creoqode