Unio by Harness – What if teachers could develop their own classroom technology? With Unio, they can! [#BettFuturesTakeover]

Imagine a company that helped teachers to develop an education technology tool that they actually wanted to use. What would that look like?

With powerful features to enhance teaching and learning, it would need to support rich multimedia resources, interactive learning experiences and the very best in formative assessment strategies. Workload management would be a must, with valuable marking tools to help teachers regain some precious evening time. Oh, and it would need to work with existing lessons – PowerPoint, Word documents, PDFs and Google slides – because who’s got the time to create everything afresh?

Enter Unio By Harness!

Designed with educators to support known best practices in teaching, learning and assessment, Unio is simple to use but powerful to experience. Based around interactive lessons using shared online screens, students engage with activities through their own device, enjoying real-time, personalised teacher feedback to move their learning forward.

“Unio empowers teachers to make every second count for every student by allowing in-depth and impactful feedback during the lesson,” says qualified primary school teacher and consultant, Jodie Lopez.

Unio promotes a thoroughly modern, learner-centred style of instruction by empowering educators to create rich, interactive learning experiences tailored to the needs of each student. With features that include annotation tools, embedded multimedia, automarked quizzes and live chat, Unio helps breathe life into traditionally ‘dry’ areas of the curriculum.

Depending on the class, a teacher might ‘desync’ a lesson to support students to work at their own pace or share a student’s screen to showcase a model answer. They might add a video clip to illustrate a concept or set a quick, automarked quiz to check understanding. Conveniently accessible from any location and from any device, Unio also supports a range of learning models, including flipped learning and blended approaches. It takes just a couple of minutes to create an account and teachers say it is incredibly intuitive.

“Unlike my students, I am not a digital native, so when it comes to introducing new EdTech to the classroom, it’s imperative that it’s easy to use,” says Christina Bury, Director of Learning at Felsted Preparatory School. “With Unio, in just a few intuitive clicks I was able to upload my existing content, such as PowerPoints, and begin teaching!”

Unio was created with teachers, for teachers, and we work closely with classroom practitioners at all stages to make sure we receive continual feedback. Together, we’re able to develop valuable education technology to enrich teaching, learning and assessment for our schools.

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To find out more, visit Unio by Harness’s website.