Watch our latest animation to see how we are supporting schools save time and cost in recruitment

At Ednex our proposition is a simple one. If schools recruit their teaching staff via Ednex they will save money, what more is there to say?

Well quite a lot, after years of suffering inflated margins from traditional recruitment companies, schools are rightly suspicious about anyone who can offer any form of recruitment solution.

Ednex is very different though, we use technology to vastly reduce recruitment costs and have created a safe online community to support schools and teachers, enabling them to connect directly.

All the teachers on Ednex are rigorously vetted, background checked and referenced via our nine point clearance check to ensure our partner schools are only matched with the most suitable and qualified candidates. Saving them time as well as cost.

We hope our latest animation helps explain this nice and clearly, no jargon, no hidden costs, just clear and concise messaging.