Wonder Why Society – Teachers at Bett invited to explore a free online world of innovative learning [#BettFuturesTakeover]

We know that teachers are increasingly stretched for the time and resources needed to deliver a creative and innovative curriculum. Also, we know that teachers are looking for ways to embed digital literacy into their learning. The Wonder Why Society offers primary school teachers and their young learners a free, dynamic online space, which provides safe, 100% moderated access to a world of discovery and innovation.

Teachers visiting this year’s Bett Show can meet the team from The Wonder Why Society (stand P36), and discover the very latest in innovative online learning.

The Wonder Why Society is a revolutionary learning environment, providing children with access to an online world of discovery and innovation. The Wonder Why Society is free to state schools and teachers can sign up immediately by visiting the team on stand P36.

The Wonder Why Society gives teachers:

  • a moderated learning environment
  • free lesson resources
  • opportunities to embed online safety and digital skills
  • the chance to encourage critical thinking amongst pupils and develop their natural curiosity of the world.

Young learners can access an inspirational online environment to learn in and accomplish activities linked to real-world industries, helping to raise aspirations and bridge the skills gap. Children can collaborate with classmates and virtual peers, whilst increasing their digital capability and confidence.

Justine Read, Deputy Head at Abbey Primary School, explains why their school is involved: “‘Innovative, exciting, engaging, the future!’ This is what the staff, teachers and parents think of The Wonder Why Society at Abbey Primary School. 

“The collaborative online space is a starting point to introduce lessons and new topics in an exciting way. Teachers set homework where children can comment and leave feedback encouraging their peers in their work. Parents and children engage together at home posting questions, comments and wonders about anything that inspires their curiosity. 

“Our Wonder Why Society after school club gives all children an opportunity to talk collaboratively in a safe, fully moderated environment. The possibilities are endless!” 

The Wonder Why Society is a secure space, which can be accessed from any device, in the classroom, at home or elsewhere. It acts as an effective parental engagement tool, whereby school work and projects can be accessed and shared with parents and guardians in the home setting.

In 2017 The Wonder Why Society partnered with The Children’s University and it is now an official learning destination. Children enrolled on the scheme can use The Wonder Why Society to earn passport stamps by completing our missions. We have been working with Professor Mick Waters, former Director of Curriculum, and Children’s University ambassador, and we are thrilled that he endorsed the work of The Wonder Why Society and our mission to put the wonder back into learning. He explains:

“The Wonder Why Society is an open invitation to children and young people to engage with big ideas, philosophy, the seemingly insolvable problem and the puzzling conundrums. For the school, The Wonder Why Society is a resource that offers opportunities while making few demands. It is a gateway to experts with the answers demanded by inquisitive children.”

We’ve had a fantastic first year, and we look forward to introducing The Wonder Why Society to many more schools at the Bett show.

Come and meet us to find out more and sign up on stand P36 in the Bett Futures area. For more information, visit the Wonder Why Society website.