WonderHub – The Tripadvisor for EdTech [#BettFuturesTakeover]

WonderHub wants to build the ‘Tripadvisor for EdTech’ in the same way that our founders built the ‘Tripadvisor for schools’ in Spain.

This means we want to create an unbiased review platform for schools and parents to share their experience of education technology. We must be impartial, honest and free for all parties to ensure trust on all sides.

At the moment, schools and families rely on outdated ways to discover the latest innovations. For schools especially, time and cost are precious commodities. For this reason, traditional marketing methods such as email, phone and events are proving either too expensive or inefficient. These inefficiencies are driving the cost of EdTech up even further. This creates a painful loop for both suppliers and EdTech buyers that increases the cost of innovative technology and makes it harder for new products to gain traction.

We have created an online hub for EdTech, built specifically for teachers, school leaders and parents. Our community are creating in-depth reviews to help guide and inform the purchasing decisions of schools and families.

As we grow, we will be launching a group purchasing tool. This will help harness the group purchasing power of 26,000 schools and the parents of the 8 million school children in the UK.

Who do we aim to help?

The first community that we are trying to help is the school children of the UK. There is now a plethora of new and exciting tools available for their education. It is important that teachers and parents know which are the most effective, which are the best value for money and that they are all safe and appropriate for the child.

Headteachers, teachers and school business managers are among the most time-poor people in the public sector. They must contend with constantly changing standards, more decisions being delegated to schools, and their budgets being constantly cut.

WonderHub aims to ameliorate these changes by creating a proactive channel for schools to discover, evaluate, review and recommend technology which can help improve the pupils’ learning or improve the running of their school.

Many parents are now understanding that a child’s education and activity outside of school can have an immense impact on their achievements in school. Education technology, coding camps and extra-curricular tutoring tools are all vying for parents’ attention (and wallets!) but they have no central place to check on the effectiveness or validity of the teaching they give. WonderHub can be that safety net and help schools and families quality-assure the products they are investing in.

Aims of WonderHub at Bett 2018

Bett 2018 is a critically important time for WonderHub. Having built the platform, we are now adding suppliers category by category. We are currently recruiting our team of EdTech Experts and will be gathering reviews at the Bett show. If you’ve got a keen eye for EdTech and know your efficacy from your cost efficiency then we would be delighted to speak with you.

Suppliers looking for a brand new marketing channel which isn’t saturated should get in touch. We can offer a low-cost route to market in which your good work speaks for itself and the word of mouth (which is so important in education) is spread far and wide.

Come and find us in the Bett Futures area, on stand P38.

For more information, visit WonderHub’s website.