As educators are well aware, interventions that make a real difference specifically for their most disadvantaged students are hard to come by. That’s why Tassomai is excited revealed the findings of its ‘Pupil Premium Boost’ trial…

Pupil Premium Boost graphic


Earlier this year 20 schools that use Tassomai partnered with us to trial a differentiated intervention for their Pupil Premium students. 

The results so far show a profound impact on attainment, with Pupil Premium students on the trial making around:

  • 35% more progress than their non-PP peers

  • 45% more progress than their PP counterparts at schools who were not participating in the trial

This emerging trend appears consistent across cohorts, subjects and schools.


Pupil Premium Boost trial results

Commenting on the findings of the trial, Tassomai’s founder Murray Morrison said:

“We observed that across the board, PP students were behind their peers, and this additional Boost intervention was closing that gap. The effect appears greater in KS3 than KS4, but this is largely down to the relative size and scope of the courses; in reality the effect appears quite consistent.”

What does Tassomai’s trial involve?

Students in the “Pupil Premium Boost” trial all have a weekly personalised catch-up in the form of a Tassomai Leapfrog Session, along with enhanced access to Mai, Tassomai’s AI-powered tutor.

This doesn’t present as ‘special treatment’ or ‘extra work’, but works as a weekly targeted deep-dive in a problem area for each student, across each of their subjects, as part of their regular homework on Tassomai.

The study is being conducted across 20 schools, with 12,385 student users of Tassomai, of whom 3,832 are identified as Pupil Premium. A further comparable sample of schools was used as a control group.

What’s next for Pupil Premium Boost?

Our intention is to roll out this program to all schools in 24/25, though this will be subject to a waiting list while we manage demand and evaluate our own costs.

Early adopters who sign up to Tassomai for the new school year before the end of the summer term will avoid the waiting list and get Pupil Premium Boost for free from the start of September as part of their school’s package!

Already using Tassomai at your school? Contact our admin team to express your interest.

If you’re from a new, or returning school, learn more about Tassomai and book a demo here.

Tassomai hopes that in the future, using Pupil Premium Boost, schools will:

  • Accelerate the academic progress of disadvantaged students, effectively closing the attainment gap between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium learners.

  • Provide personalised, data-driven interventions tailored to the specific needs of each Pupil Premium student, ensuring no one falls behind or gets left behind.

  • Leverage the power of AI and adaptive learning technologies to deliver targeted support and individualised learning experiences, maximising the potential of every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background.


Find out more: https://www.tassomai.com/blog-content/2024/6/3/closing-the-pupil-premium-attainment-gap