School survey specialist, Edurio, has released a new report which sheds light on concerning behavioural trends in English schools. The data collected from 400,000 staff, pupils, and parents over the past five years, reveals a significant increase in behaviour issues affecting both staff and pupils.


  • In the academic year 2022/23, 1 in 5 staff members reported experiencing emotional or physical violence from pupils, surpassing pre-pandemic disruption levels.
  • Staff considering resignation reached a 5-year survey record high, with 43% contemplating leaving, citing pupil behaviour as the 4th most frequent reason.
  • Furthermore, 25% of school staff reported difficulty obtaining support for pupil behaviour issues.
  • Despite 92% of pupils believing they behave well, 42% reported frequent disruptions to their learning due to others’ behaviour.


The report underscores the need for attention to escalating behavioural challenges in English schools.


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