Acquisition moves WCBS into forefront of school information management

WCBS, one of the leading suppliers of school information management systems, has announced the acquisition of KSM Online in order to deliver the most innovative, true cloud-based solution to the independent and international school sector.

KSM Online was established in 2009 by former educationalist and Computer Science graduate Saqib Awan. Its product team focuses on marrying the nuances of Ed-tech with the big data requirements of Fin-tech (technology to support banking and financial services) and delivering pertinent and intelligent information to its users in a modern, user-friendly, future-proofed experience. The company’s acquisition provides WCBS with a next generation skill base and cutting-edge technology to continue to propel schools into the digital world.

Saqib Awan remains with WCBS as Chief Product Officer leading the WCBS London-based innovation team; a group of highly skilled, cloud experts, tech designers, former teachers and administrators who will ensure WCBS remains at the forefront of education technology. “We’re very excited to be joining WCBS, and look forward to continuing to develop a market leading MIS,” commented Saqib. “The long-standing history and deep-rooted reach of WCBS, coupled with the zeal and passion we have for innovation, mean that we are able to continue to provide the most cutting-edge, future-proofed solution that fits schools of all shapes and sizes,” he added.

The acquisition of KSM Online has enabled WCBS to successfully launch HUB; a true-cloud, SAAS (software as a service), multi-tenanted, user-centric information management solution which provides software that is fully managed in the cloud and designed for the very specific needs of schools today.

Ian Hunter, CCO at WCBS, who has been leading the extensive growth in sales of the company’s school information management solutions, said the demand for such technology by forward-thinking schools is extensive: “Today’s school leaders recognise the importance of big data to support teaching and learning, school administration, parental involvement and business development,” he said. “They want technology with user interaction designed specifically for teachers, leaders, students and parents. They want maximum data security yet flexible accessibility. Our aim is to ensure that WCBS delivers future-proof solutions.”

“This purchase of KSM Online ensures that we can respond to the big data demands of modern schools,” said Emma Goodwin, CEO of WCBS. “Other important areas of our lives, including the management of health and finance data, have already moved to the cloud for optimum storage and accessibility. We believe that, for WCBS to remain at the forefront of school information management, we needed to do the same. The acquisition means we can now provide schools with the very best solution for today, with the storage capability and scalability to respond to future innovation,” she added.

Giles Clarke, Chairman of Westleigh Investments which owns WCBS said “We are very pleased to welcome Saqib and the team from KSM Online to the company. Not only is this expanding our product potential, but bringing breadth to our skills and knowledge base too.”   

For more information visit www.wcbs.co.uk