Supreme Systems conducted a mini cyber security audit at a local school. They were confident about the school’s cyber security but wanted the audit to be sure. To cut a long story short, they scored 3 out of 10 in the assessment and were shocked to learn how poor their provisions were.


Typically, many schools will have anti-virus and anti-spam protection in place, with an ICT Technician that visits regularly, plus an ICT company overseeing their systems. Yet their ICT systems can easily be compromised. According to the government’s National Cyber Security Centre, cyber-attacks on the education sector increased significantly in 2021. This is not surprising. Many of the schools that invite us to audit their ICT systems need to take urgent steps to get their systems safe, despite having the most common security solutions in place.


Supreme Systems urge schools to make a commitment to taking cyber security seriously this year, so if you are interested in booking an audit, please contact Supreme Systems on 0121 309 0126 or email them sales@supremesystems.co.uk, and they will be happy to help.


(This content was originally sent to Supreme Systems school newsletter readers on January 27th 2022)