Inspired by a child’s innate need to get creative outdoors and use nature’s very own ingredients, TTS has developed the Creative Concoctions Corner (EY05285), £1,149.85 which features within its brand new 2014 Early Years catalogue. Experimenting with messy materials is a vital part of the learning experience. Mixing, pouring and stirring ingredients is not only great fun but helps the children make connections and develop their understanding of how things work. Role play activities are brought to life as children make believe, making pies, becoming wizards and conduct their own science experiments.

The Messy Station (EY05592), £699.95 is an ideal outdoor play structure for messy play. Large enough to accommodate the creation of pies, potions and cocktails from many children all at once, it will be an exciting feature of the outdoor learning environment. Designed for all year round use, it is made from FSC Scandinavian Redwood, guaranteed against rot and insect damage for 10 years.


The Creative Concoctions Dresser (EY05319), £299.95, is ideal for mud pie corners or the creation of imaginative potions and concoctions. Designed to be used outdoors this versatile dresser comes with room to mix, stir and bake while providing shelving and storage to keep those handy cooking and messy utensils required within easy reach.

No outdoor imaginative area would be complete without a table to interact and get messy with friends, or simply work alone to craft a culinary feast. The Super Outdoor Table Tray (EY04223), £199.95 is ideal for just that. Ideal for encouraging social interaction and development of language as children excitedly chatter about what they are making.

Essential for any messy or mud play activities is access to high quality, loose resources for mixing, stirring and concocting. This is why the 2014 TTS catalogue features, Teak Outdoor Bowls(EY04542), £32.95, Wooden Spoons (EY02749), £21.95 and Wooden Bowls (EY05058), £39.95.

To receive a copy of the 2014 Early Years Catalogue call TTS on 0800 318 686 or for further information on any of these products please visit www.tts-shopping.com/earlyyears


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