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Education software specialist Crick Software has recently launched a brand new AAC app for the iPad, designed to give a voice to learners with speech and language difficulties.

Crick’s award-winning literacy tool Clicker has been widely used in special needs settings for many years to create personalised communication grids. Now, Clicker Communicator brings the power and ease of communicating with Clicker to iPad users for the very first time. 

Clicker Communicator provides a complete iPad communication aid for learners with speech difficulties. It uses the familiar Clicker Apps interface so that teachers can set up a Vocabulary Set in minutes and personalise the app to the specific needs and interests of their pupils. The SymbolStix symbols library (localised for the UK) is included as standard, with the Widgit and PCS libraries also available as in-app purchases. In addition to being able to create your own resources, there are three ready-made core words sets to help users get started.

As with all Clicker Apps, Clicker Communicator users have access to a growing bank of free, ready-made resources via Crick’s LearningGrids site.

“There are three key features that make Clicker Communicator really special; it’s child-friendly, it’s incredibly easy to create your own content, and it’s been specifically designed to support communication within the classroom,” says Crick Software CEO, John Crick. “Communicating in school isn’t just about wants and needs; it’s about taking an active vocal part in lessons. There is already a lot of buzz about the potential Clicker Communicator has to transform the day-to-day learning experience for pupils with speech difficulties – it’s a very exciting prospect!”

Clicker Communicator is currently available on the App Store for £109.99. For further information please contact Crick Software on 01604 671691 or visit the Crick Software website.

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