Education software specialist Crick Software has announced the launch of Version 2 of SuperKeys, the innovative accessible keyboard for iPad® and iPhone® users.

The SuperKeys Assistive Keyboard was created to support learners who have difficulty targeting small keys; the unique design of SuperKeys gives users just seven large keys to target instead of over 30 small ones. There are significant benefits for users with low vision too; all the keys are in the standard qwerty layout and use a large, accessible font.

Keys are grouped into clusters containing up to seven characters. The user taps a cluster to enlarge it and then chooses a letter from the cluster. Intelligent word prediction and the ability to create customised keyboard shortcuts also help speed up the writing process.

Version 2 enables teachers to fully personalise the app to each pupil’s requirements. Options include the ability to customise the colours and font used, alter the size of the predictor and give learners faster access to the Delete, Space and Return keys.

Before SuperKeys, the only option for learners with physical challenges was switch access; this app offers a powerful alternative to users with mild to moderate challenges, with only two taps required for each key input,” says the company’s CEO John Crick. “We’re confident that Version 2 will make the word processing experience even quicker and easier for these young writers.”

The SuperKeys app can be purchased for £9.99 as a standalone keyboard for the iPad and iPhone. For more information contact Crick Software on 01604 671691 or visit www.cricksoft.com/superkeys

Further Information:

Siobhan Butel at Crick Software

Email: Siobhan.Butel@cricksoft.com