TTS Group Ltd, supplier of high quality educational resources to schools and Early Years settings, have an amazing black and white range of resources that are great for creating cosy, calm environments.

Black and white contrasting colours and textures invite exploration and response from babies. There are pockets, play mats and puppets to captivate and hold baby’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity.


Babies and toddlers will love exploring the contents of thePosting Pockets (EY06031, pictured left). Each pocket has an appealing character, there is a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a sheep and a mouse. Children can stroke the woolly sheep and the fluffy cat whilst exploring what is inside. They can be used as a brilliant storage space but are also visually engaging and tactile. The Posting Pockets are in strong contrasting colours with clear features and are priced at £59.95.tts_-_pack_away_play_mat_2.jpg


The Pack Away Play Mat (EY06240, pictured right)  is a great place for babies and toddlers to use for playing with toys and for resting too. There are numerous sections on the mat with different patterns of contrasting colours of black, white and red. There are also lots of different textures to explore and an acrylic mirror to catch a toddler’s attention. The Pack Away Play Mat is priced at £89.95, is easy to unfold and pack away and can be simply wiped clean.

Black & White Puppet Pals (EY06030) are a stunning set of 4 plush puppets which are made from soft velour.


There are varied characters: a mouse, sheep, rabbit and penguin to encourage children’s language skills and creativity. They are designed with bold colours to engage the children and have clear features for babies to focus on. The Black & White Puppet Pals are suitable for all ages and are priced at £44.95.
All of these lovely resources can provide opportunities for babies and toddlers to play and create closer relationships with friends, parents and family.



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