SuperNova 14.02, available immediately, is a free update for all existing SuperNova 14.01 customers. The update improves the efficiency of magnification, speech and Braille access in Microsoft Windows 8.1, meaning blind and partially sighted people can do more in less time with the latest mainstream devices and apps.

SuperNova 14.02 includes:

Windows 8.1 performance. More efficient on Microsoft’s latest operating system, freeing up resources for your other applications.
Magnification stability improvements so partially sighted people can work for longer.
Magnification smoothly enlarges text and images in more areas so partially sighted people can clearly see more of what is displayed on screen.
Smoother playback of accessible books downloaded via the Dolphin Bookshelf service makes reading for business and leisure more pleasurable.
Speech and Braille reading fixes for: Internet Explorer 11 and Office 2013 including automatic access to protected documents.

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SuperNova 14.02 is free to all existing SuperNova 14 customers and can be downloaded from the “Check for Updates” option found in SuperNova’s Help menu. If you are new to SuperNova or have an earlier version, you can trial SuperNova 14.02 free for 30-days.