March 2014 sees a Global Educational Show taking place in Dubai and Herefordshire based company “Educational Play” will be exhibiting their new Classroom Lofts.

The next GESS (Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions) show is being held in Dubai in March 2014 and a small family run business in rural Herefordshire are already working hard to prepare their exhibits.

“We are very proud and excited about the upcoming exhibition” said CEO Richard Frost, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the skill and imagination of our local workforce, as well as the quality of our product.”

children from Rackham Primary School playing on our Den Classroom LoftClassroom Lofts are a new and exciting addition to any Classroom. They are essentially wooden free-standing structures that give extra space and enhance the learning environment for primary and Pre school children.

A Classroom Loft is made of wooden panels that create a platform or mezzanine within the Classroom. This platform is reached by a staircase. The Loft thus creates 2 spaces; an open space on top of the Platform and a cosy space underneath for storage or play.

The Classroom Lofts add space to any sized Classroom and can be used as an additional teaching tool. Some of the Classroom Lofts will have a features such as shape cut outs or little door and window cut outs that will fuel the young children’s imaginative Play.

However they aren’t just for playtime, Classroom Lofts assist with learning too.  They can be used for small group work or allow a child to “get away” and read in the peace and quiet of the Classroom Loft. Many schools have used the Loft as a Library, reading area or computer area, demonstrating how they can be used as an additional teaching space.


For further details please contact:

Melissa Leake or Zoe New

Tel: 01544 387103, Fax: 01544 388080

Photo is of children from Rackham Primary School playing on our Den Classroom Loft.