Christmas is a season that inspires creativity in children of all ages. From wrapping paper, nativity costumes to the fun of making festive cards, there are endless ways that children can get messy, whilst keeping little hands busy. TTS, leading supplier of award-winning educational and teaching resources to Primary and Early Years settings is launching a catalogue which features a whole range of resources that make festive days brighter and more fun.

Priced at £4.99, the Papier Mache Angel (AR01885), is a blank canvas upon which to create your own unique angel, which can be placed on top of the Christmas tree or on another festive display, or simply a special Christmas gift.


Even the youngest of children can make colourful decorations using the Primary Tree Hangers (AR01811), £11.95. Decorate using finger paint, collage or paint, these large Christmas shapes can be used to create individual decorations or bunting for the classroom.

Create a host of heavenly 3D angel decorations with the Make An Angel Pack (AR02006), pictured right. Priced at £9.99, this pack of 30 pre-cut, pre-printed shapes can be personalised with colour and collage before constructing the 3D shape. A fun, time saving activity suitable for mixed ability class work.

A variety of different shaped Christmas cards can be personalised and decorated just as you please. The Robin Cards (AR02005, £10.99) and Stocking Cards (AR02009, £9.99) are ideal to glitz and shimmer up. A set of 30 in each pack, means there are lots to decorate and each child can make their own unique design, using glitter, sequins or metallic pens.

Threading Trees (EY05292), pictured below, are a fun, festive resource. Worth £49.95, these beautifully crafted, chunky trees are made from Ash and Birch wood and treated with natural linseed oil and beeswax. They are ideal for small world play and the round holes on each tree canopy makes them ideal for threading and lacing activities, encouraging the development of fine motor skills. The set, which includes 3 trees and 6 laces, can be used upon table tops or displays for attaching words, wishes and feelings. They can be decorated with tinsel and baubles to make a festive Christmas tree.tts_-_threading_trees.jpg

In addition to the new Christmas resources, many of the traditional, festive essentials are included with the catalogue such as theCreative Foil Fabric Pack (EY00024), priced at £79.96. Each roll is 1m wide and 20m long, and extremely flexible, able to stretch, crumple and plait into a variety of shapes and winter scenarios.

Ideal for festive or nativity role play, Glitter Cloaks (EY01068), £44.95 mean imaginations can grow. These luxurious metallic cloaks come as a set of four colours; gold, silver, red and blue bringing festive characters to life.

TTS offer a selection of resources, great for creative icy and arctic scenes; Glitter Glow Rocks, Ice Bricks and Instant Snow Powder.

The fascinating Glitter Glow Rocks (FGGR), £6.99 are ice white and glittery and come in odd shapes and sizes. The smooth texture makes them extremely tactile for small hands to sort and count.

Priced from £59.95 for a pack of 25, Ice Bricks (EY00926) are great for make-believe trips to the North Pole to build an Igloo and pretend to be an Eskimo. Uniform in shape and size, the Ice Bricksare made from a strong, coated rubber foam, so that they can be used both inside and out, maximising play potential.

Instant Snow Powder (FSNOW), £7.25 is ideal for creating fluffy snow displays or wintery small world scenes. The great thing about Instant Snow Powder is that simply by adding water, it comes to life and even feels cold too!

For more details on these Winter and festive resources call TTS on 0800 318 686 or for further information on any of these products please visit www.tts-shopping.com/earlyyears


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