ICT plays an integral part in all our lives. Today’s children are growing up surrounded by and becoming familiar with digital technology. Through play opportunities children can experience a range of resources that support their ICT knowledge and understanding as well as enhancing other key skills.

tts_-_talking_clipboard_3.jpgThe innovative Talking Clipboards from TTS Group Ltd enable children to combine mark making and communication wherever they are, indoors or out. With a sturdy plastic board for writing on, the Talking Clipboards feature a child friendly clip with a difference – it has a 40 second record function with easy to use controls. Now children can describe what they are drawing on the go or illustrate their own stories. They are available from £9.99 and come in an A4 or A5 version.

Here are some hints and tips for using the Talking Clipboards. They have been written by Carol Allen and Claire Graham to provide insights and practical suggestions for practitioners to help you make the most of learning opportunities in your setting.

Work it out! – Use the clipboards to record creative maths solutions.  Voice record a different number onto each clipboard and allow the children some time to write down every way in which that number can be made.  For example 8: 7+1, 12 – 4, 16 /2.  After a short time swap the boards between groups, can they guess the recorded number, are the solutions correct, could any others be added?

Listen and write! – Help children practice their phonics knowledge by recording a sound on the clipboard.  Can children write the letters that make that sound?  Can they write words or draw pictures that contain that sound?  For example ‘ay’, ‘ey’, ‘ay’, ‘eigh’, they, hay, neigh etc.
Sound Story – Bring the school trip back to the classroom.  Use the clipboards to record different sounds experienced during an outside visit.  Back in the classroom ask groups of children to listen to the different sounds then draw and write about what they remember from that part of the day.

Question Time – Children often forget what to ask when carrying out an interview.  Work up the questions beforehand collectively.  Choose the best and record each on a clipboard.  When it is your turn to ask a question, there is a recorded prompt to help and then you write the interviewees answer.

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