International schools around the world currently generate £22 billion in annual fee income. They are a wealthy and increasingly important market sector for UK education suppliers because of the huge growth of the market in recent years. Since the year 2000, the number of international schools has increased from 2,584 to 7,084 today, all of them using English as the language of learning. Within ten years, the number of international schools is expected to reach 12,000 teaching over 6.5 million students.

For UK education suppliers this is very good news. The continued popularity of the National Curriculum of England (it is currently followed by 42% of international schools), the use of the English language for learning, the prevalence of British Headteachers and department leaders within the schools, and a British Government that supports international trade means that the opportunities for business between specialist UK education suppliers and international schools is very good.

The International School Consultancy Group (ISC) is the only research organisation in the world that focuses exclusively on the international schools market. The organisation, which has been tracking the market for over 25 years, provides international school market intelligence and data for investors, developers, higher education and suppliers. ISC will be hosting a seminar in July for education suppliers about international school market potential including details of growth regions, unique market characteristics and expert advice on how to work successfully with international schools.

The one day seminar will take place at The University of Reading on Tuesday 8th July 2014. For more details about the seminar visit ISC Research or contact Diane Glass at ISC at
01367 246031

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