SuperNova v13.50 First to Magnify, Speak and Braille Windows 8

Dolphin Computer Access, a world leader in the development of assistive technology for people with vision and print impairments, today announced the immediate availability of SuperNova v13.50, the first professionally supported screen magnification software to run on computers powered by Microsoft’s latest operating systems Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.

With a single package, computers running Windows 8 have their onscreen text and graphics enlarged smoothly, difficult colours changed to more comfortable alternatives, mouse pointer and cursor positions highlighted clearly, plus all text is spoken with natural sounding voices and translated accurately to literary Braille.

“SuperNova v13.50 is a significant breakthrough especially for partially sighted people buying new Windows PCs” explains RNIB’s Steve Griffiths.  “It contains support for Windows 8, and having SuperNova’s excellent colour and size options is a huge improvement over the basic Windows magnifier for students and professionals with sight loss.”

As well as individuals with a range of eye conditions gaining access to mainstream applications running on Windows 8; Businesses and schools can deploy a single solution which is more affordable and straightforward to support and maintain.

SuperNova works with the new Windows 8 Start Screen including: live tiles showing updating information, Charms Bar which is the new way to change settings and share content, plus SuperNova continues to work with existing desktop and legacy applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and Skype.

At the same time, Dolphin is announcing initial support in SuperNova for Microsoft Office 2013 applications including: Outlook, Word and Excel. Office 2013 has a refreshed look and features integration with Sky Drive, Microsoft’s cloud storage allowing you to access your documents from any computer.

SuperNova v13.50 is a free update available to all existing SuperNova v13.0x customers. Plus, special discounted pricing is available for people trading in a valid Zoomtext or MAGic licence.

Find out what else is new in SuperNova v13.50 and download a free 30-day demo:


Listen to Dolphin’s podcast, ‘Windows 8 Essentials with SuperNova v13.50’ presented by Maggie McCarthy, Training Manager at Dolphin.


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Microsoft Windows remains the most popular desktop operating system running on 90% of machines worldwide. http://windows.microsoft.com  Windows 8 licences sold recently passed 100 million. http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2013/05/06/windows-8-at-6-months-q-amp-a-with-tami-reller.aspx

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss. www.RNIB.org.uk

Dolphin Computer Access delivers independence for people with vision and print impairments by developing and marketing a range of magnification and speech solutions for Windows.www.YourDolphin.com

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