The innovative new Kidy’Board from globally-renowned stationery giant Maped Helix is a must-have addition to every classroom or home with young children.

The company’s latest creation puts the fun back into learning to write, and is already proving a huge hit in classrooms up and down the country.
kidyboard-180x112_3.jpgKidy’Board is the first transparent board created as an educational tool. Its flexible design means it is unbreakable and the exclusive manufacturing process used to make it means that all scribbles can be wiped away without a trace time and time again.
Created in collaboration with teachers, the unique Kidy’Board is made with the educational needs of children in mind and comes with activity sheets and access to further downloadable sheets that are secured behind the transparent screen to aid writing.

Sheets are also available focusing on numbers and calculations, as well as graphics, drawings and puzzles.

The Kidy’Board is aimed at children aged between three and seven and is Maped Helix’s latest innovative creation aimed at putting the fun back into learning.

St Nicholas School in Staffordshire is one of many schools already feeling the benefits of using the Kidy’Board to help pupils’ development.583710_pa_bag_int_blue_3.jpg

Miss J Parker, a teacher at the school, said: “We spend a lot of time and expense in school creating and photocopying resources for children to trace and copy when they are in the early stages of education. This tracing stage is essential as children develop their fine motor skills and develop their early writing skills.

“We have previouslyused OHP sheets and the such like in order to do something similar to the Kidy’Board but have frequently found that these slip and the child feels let down and disappointed as they manage the moving sheet and feel that their tracing has been ruined in some way.

“The Kidy’Board IS ergonomic and bright. The rubber edging means that they remain in place once placed on top of an A4 sheet and this alleviates some of the frustration for the students. The boards are hardwearing but light and the grid features means that they help children think about sizing and spaces, making them also useful for mathematics lessons by our children.

“The hanger at the top of the board meant that we could easily hang and store multiple boards around the classroom and in the EYFS outdoor area meaning that they are always readily accessible to children and staff, and therefore used more. This is a clever feature.

“We really liked the example sheets for the children to use with these, particularly the maze ideas meaning that the Kidy’Board can be used by children during playtimes as well as during lessons.

“This kind of resource is really useful for our youngest children who, at the earliest stages of writing, can be reluctant to have a go. As this is a non-permanent solution, they feel they can have a go and wipe clean in a very non-judgemental, non-threatening way. We found this really helpful with some of our more reluctant writers.

“We will definitely use more of these and think the Kidy’Board is reasonably priced, durable and aesthetically pleasing.”

Adrian Ellis, general manager at Maped Helix, said: “We are incredibly proud of our Kidy’Board, which is the perfect tool to aid writing as well as helping children with calculations and even perfecting their art skills.

“Its flexible design means it is unbreakable and parents need never worry again about using up reams and reams of paper as their children learn to write as it can be wiped completely clean after every use ready for the fun to start again.”


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