Rosetta Stone, a leading provider of language-learning solutions to individuals, educational institutions, and organisations, invites inner-city schools in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow to participate in a national competition in celebration of the European Day of Languages on the 26th of September. The #languages4schools project was initiated primarily for year-7 students in secondary schools in five UK cities. Donavan White, VP of Sales, EMEA Enterprise and Education and co-initiator of the project at Rosetta Stone says: “Interest from schools to take part in this competition is high. That is why we decided to open this opportunity up to higher-year pupils as well. We invite teachers to register and send us their best reasons why their students should benefit from free language learning for one year. The best ideas may win, independently of the pupils’ age.”

The competition for secondary schools runs from July to September 2013. Schools can win a one-year Rosetta Course™ license for thirty pupils to learn another language. Winning schools can choose from programmes in over 20 languages, from the most commonly spoken (like German, Spanish, and French) to the currently very popular languages like Arabic, Russian, or Chinese (Mandarin). This will allow schools not only to diversify their range of languages on offer for students next year, but will also give them the opportunity to get a feel for the employment of online language-learning technology that has been innovating teaching in the classroom in powerful ways.

To enter, schools need to register on the homepage before the 8th of September. An independent jury will select the best entry of the participating schools. Each entry should state the best reasons why students would benefit from free language learning for one year. Main criteria are the creativity of the argument as well as the vision outlined by the school regarding their ambition to raise the awareness of language learning among their students. On the European Day of Languages on the 26th of September the ten winning schools will be announced.
Despite the fact that today 74% of employers seek to employ people with conversational language skills, about 70% of UK graduates cannot speak any languages other than English well or fluently. The #languages4schools project sets out to support language-learning programmes in schools and to motivate students from an early age to learn a language. By investing in the skill set of young people today, the project aims to open doors to new opportunities and increase the understanding of other languages and cultures. The #languages4schools project wants to give young people the opportunity to become part of a successful multilingual workforce, and show new ways of development thanks to their investment in language skills.

Further information at www.rosettastone.co.uk/blog/languages4schools.

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Rosetta Stone provides cutting-edge interactive technology that is changing the way the world learns languages. The company’s proprietary learning techniques – acclaimed for their power to unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone – are used by schools, businesses, government organisations, and millions of individuals around the world. Rosetta Stone offers courses in over 20 languages, from the most commonly spoken (like English, Spanish, and Mandarin) to the less prominent (including Swahili, Swedish, and Tagalog). The company was founded in 1992 on the core beliefs that learning to speak a language should be a natural and instinctive process, and that interactive technology can activate the language-immersion method powerfully for learners of any age. Rosetta Stone is based in Arlington, VA, and has offices in Harrisonburg, VA, Boulder, CO, Tokyo, Seoul, London, and Sao Paulo.

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