Role play provision outdoors can be both exciting and unique, and opportunities provided should take advantage of this larger scale environment. The outdoors offers new experiences, amazing spaces and ever changing interactions with the natural world. TTS offers an exciting range of outdoor resources that take advantage of the special nature of the outdoors.

Cosy Crate (EY04683) is a snug seating space which can be used for all sorts of activities; reading, reflection, chatting with friends or role play. Its versatile side posts can be inserted easily which means it can be used with or without a canopy such as netting or foil. It can be used with blankets, throws and cushions to create this cosy and snug place. Priced at £374.95, the portable seat is made from European Redwood and no assembly for the main unit is required.

TTS has introduced a range of Cosy Cottages (pictured lleft); Square (EY04685 – £399.95), Rectangle (EY04686 – £399.95) and Hexagon (EY04687 – £449.95). Designed with younger children in mind, the height of the door means that the children have to crawl into the various spaces. Whilst any children inside will feel cosy, secure and removed from the wider world, the children can still peer out through the gaps, enhancing their own sense of security. They can be left unadorned or decorated with fabrics, foils, foliage etc.

tts_-_cosy_cottages_2.jpgImaginations can come to life with this wonderfulEnchanted House  (pictured right) (EY05045) from TTS. Designed to be used outdoors, it means that lots of natural materials from the outdoor environment such as moss, leaves, twigs, pebbles and stones can be incorporated into play. Imagine fairies and elves, living in their own enchanted woodland home and brought to life in this triangular two storey wooden home. Priced at £169.95 the Enchanted House has been designed to encourage communication and collaboration as big imaginations bring small worlds to life. Made from European Redwood timber this open-ended resource will enhance any outdoor learning environment.

Enchanted HouseBusy shopkeepers will love the Wooden Till (EY04744); priced at £29.95 it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Different retail scenarios can be created; from a busy café, fruit and vegetable stall or a supermarket checkout. It comes with a small drawer for the all important notes and coins to be stored; it is great for encouraging mathematical development.

Those children with a love of building and constructing will enjoy the latest range of outdoor construction resources.

The Wooden Tool Collection (EY04704), £34.95, contains traditional tools made from Poplar wood that are housed in a handy tool caddy. The tools are chunky, robust and enable children to role play a busy workshop, the garage or be Bob the Builder!

The Realistic Builders Kit (EY048888), £149.95 is great for role playing building scenarios. This wonderful set is full of learning opportunities that will enthral and engage children. The set includes real bricks, with the same properties as house bricks but smaller sized to fit a child’s hand, it also contains wooden tools, metal buckets, high vis vests and construction hats.

The Busy Builder Construction Kit (EY04441), £139.95 allows busy builders to really get their hands dirty with realistic tools and resources. Sand and water can be mixed in the mixing tray for cement and the realistic foam bricks mean that walls and other constructions can be built. The handy cart holds up to 100kgs and is great for transporting essential materials around the building site for work! Designed to encourage children to participate in role play the set includes; foam bricks, building sets, a pull cart, a bag of sand, builders hats and high vis vests plus a mixing tray.

To receive a copy of the 2013 Early Years Catalogue call TTS on 0800 318 686 or for further information on any of these products please visit www.tts-shopping.com/earlyyears.


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