Despite current economic conditions, Texthelp, world-leading and innovative education software developers, are continuing to explore International markets and establish successful partnerships with resellers in global markets with their literacy and English language learning software products.

Texthelp Ltd, was first incorporated in 1996 and quickly became a market leader bringing award-winning assistive software, Read&Write Gold, to Education, Corporate and English-speaking markets. The company remains at the forefront of innovative software development, supporting those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties in learning to read, write, study and communicate with ease and independence, and more recently in English as a Second Language (ESL) markets.

Texthelp’s recent focus on the ESL market is proving fruitful with successful contracts signed with resellers in China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, South Africa, UAE and Australia.   Texthelp are continuing efforts in the Middle East and South American markets and are also focusing on new markets such as Europe, to establish further reseller and direct sales opportunities.

Texthelp’s contract with Chinese reseller China Education Alliance (CEA) recently received some press attention with the contract being signed on an Invest NI trade mission, in the presence of the First and Deputy First Ministers, the Rt. Hon. Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness MP.  As part of the partnership, Texthelp provided a specifically adapted version of their English language learning software, English Hero, to CEA who market educational products through distance learning to 150 million students.

Mark McCusker, CEO at Texthelp comments “At Texthelp, we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the company internationally.   We spend a lot of time diligently researching markets to determine customer demands and have an excellent technical team who develop products to meet these needs.  We recently focused our attention on the ESL market and created the English Hero family of products.”

As part of the English Hero family, Texthelp have developed English Hero for PC, unique software to assist students and adults of any age and ability who are learning English or striving to improve their English language skills.  English Hero integrates with many common computer applications such as Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer providing a host of reading, writing, speaking and listening features to support those learning English.  Recently Texthelp developed an app version of English Hero to support English learners on iPad.

Mark McCusker enthuses “Staying at the forefront of the marketplace is very important here at Texthelp.  We pride ourselves on responding quickly to opportunities in the ever-changing technology marketplace.”

To find out more about Texthelp visit www.texthelp.com or email: info@texthelp.com.

More information is also available on English Hero at www.english-hero.com.