With any learning environment it is important to consider cosy, calm spaces for babies and toddlers. So whilst colour can help to define a space, if there is too much visual clutter this can be overwhelming for a child. This is why TTS has developed a range of resources using soft and wide-ranging textures to create varying tactile experiences. As well as being warm, welcoming and engaging these resources encourage discovery.

The Baby Sensory Centre (EY05074), £199.95, is suitable from birth, it is ideal for a baby’s early physical development. Portable, it can be placed where you wish and babies can freely explore. They are able to crawl into the box and peer into the mirror or explore mobiles that can be attached.

Double Snuggle Pod

The Baby Texture Blanket (EY05249), £39.95 features a range of soft textures and fabrics in a range of calming colours with creams, browns and beiges which can be used in dens and pods as well as cosy areas.

Baby Texture Cushions (EY05250), £39.95 are made from soft, comfy fabrics. As well as different textures on each cushion, they all feature different shapes and patterns in a varying shades of creams and browns.

These snuggly cushions will captivate young children; they can be used for seating, in dens, within baskets or for lying down on.

The Double Snuggle Pod (pictured) (EY05101), £99.95 is a lovely, soft unit where babies and toddlers can rest, lie or sit. This cosy, snuggly pod is made from corduroy and velour with a fur top cushion and the larger size enables more than one child to sit in it.

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