Communication skills are important as they are the building blocks for learning and are essential for developing social skills. Like any other skill, the more opportunities to practice language and communication, the better it becomes.

TTS has been working with Kate Freeman, a lead Communication Advisor from I CAN, who specialises in early years speech and language development (from birth to five). Kate is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with over twenty years experience in the field of paediatrics. She carries out training courses for teachers, SENCO’s speech and language therapists and wealth of other professionals and parents as part of I CAN’s programmes.

With Kate’s help and using guidance from the EYFS, TTS have put together a range of resources and specialist advice to assist in early language development.

This new Communication catalogue features useful insights into how communication can be improved within settings as well as providing a wealth of key resources designed to facilitate communication development.

Priced at £124.95 each, the Box of Bones (EY04761) and Box of Fairies (EY04765) are open-ended resources that offer rich opportunities for language development, mark making, imaginative and creative thinking. The Boxes ensure high levels of engagement that create environments for deep level learning and sustained shared thinking. They include downloadable materials, a CD-Rom and a book, all designed to inspire creative ways of using these resources.

Within the Box of Bones there is a curious collection of replica bones, claws, skeletons and other resources. Practitioners can create different scenarios to spark imaginations; imagine finding an empty hatched egg, what creature was inside or digging up dinosaur bones from the ground. The box includes; 1 whole egg, 1 cracked open egg, tooth, claw, 20cm bone, 2 brushes, 12 dinosaur skeletons, driftwood, 2 large bean pods, abalone shells and bark.

The Box of Fairies is an enchanting way of letting imaginations soar! Imagine following fairy footprints to a woodland scene complete with camp fire and a table set for tea. Pose questions, such as where does this door lead, what do fairies wear, designed to lead to creative thinking. The box includes; fairy foot stamper, door, keys, bucket, broom, various sizes of wood pieces, watering can, ladder, cake, wheelbarrow, pans, fruit basket, plates and cutlery, moss, sticks, fir cones, pebbles and bark.

Take communication outdoors with Outdoor Big Points (EY04773). Priced at £59.95 this set of 6 units are great for speaking and listening in the outdoor learning environment. The speakers feature a 30 second, loud play back making them ideal for the outdoors usage, no matter what the weather. They can be used for Early Years treasure hunts, discovering and recording nature and interactive number lines.

Ideal for role play scenarios Mini Mobile Phones (EY04195) are available from £99.95. With a 50m – 60m range children can take their Mini Mobile Phones anywhere and still keep on talking. This interactive ICT resource includes a 10 second pre-record facility and a call waiting function bringing real life to your learning environment. 6 colourful phones are supplied with a rechargeable docking station which ensures your phones are ready to use at all times.

To receive a copy of the new Communication publication call TTS on 0800 318 686 or for further information on any of these products please visit www.tts-shopping.com/earlyyears.


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