The outdoor environment has unique characteristics and features that should be exploited when looking for new ways to encourage mathematical development in the early years. The outdoor area provides young children with one of the best possible learning environments and should be given equal status to indoor learning. It is important that setting use developmentally appropriate resources that work in the outdoors environments and TTS has developed some new ideas with this in mind.

Children will love the size of this Giant Outdoor Abacus (EY04160), £199.95 (pictured right) which has been designed to facilitate counting, moving and lining up beads. Count how many daisies there are in the garden or how many birds fly above with this mathematics resource. It is made from durable wood and consists of 10 rows, each with 10 beads.

tts_-_outdoor_abacus.jpgPriced at £39.95 Talking Turtles (EY04196) are a wonderfully versatile set of 10 waterproof, recordable turtles. They can be used both indoors and outdoors in sand, water and gloop. Each turtle has a numeral on the top and a corresponding word and amount underneath. Children simply press the button and speak, then gently squeeze the turtle to hear the message, there is up to 10 seconds of talk time available

Outdoor Number Mobiles (EY04770), £54.95 (pictured left) are great for the outdoors. The set comprises of ten chunky wooden mobiles that can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Each tile increases in size as the number line grows so that children can visualise numerical order. The tiles are clearly marked with the ascending numbers and they can be lined on trees, railings and walls as well as table tops and floors.tts_-_outdoor_number_mobile.jpg





The bright colours of the Giant Jazzy Numbers (EY04677), £64.95 can’t fail to impress in the outdoor arena. Made from textured outdoor material so that as well as looking great, they are also robust enough to handle being outdoors. Developed to encourage mathematics on a big scale they can be used on different surfaces. Why not try hanging them on washing lines with giant pegs or on the grass so that children can search for items that relate to that particular number; such as two pebbles, one petal or 10 twigs. Versatile and very practical for engaging in mathematics outdoors.

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