As part of its campaign to raise the play and learning opportunities for babies and toddlers, TTS has launched a second edition of their Babies and Toddlers catalogue for 2014. The catalogue is full of new resources such as its Super Sphere Sorter and Magic Mirrors (pictured left and right respectively)., in addition to familiar favourites such as Mirror Pebbles and Sparkle Cylinders (pictured below).tts_-_magic_mirrors.jpg

Super Sphere Sorter

To support sensory development the Babies and Toddlers Catalogue features their Baby Sensory Centre (EY05074), £199.95. Suitable from birth it is ideal for a baby’s early physical development. Portable, it can be placed where you wish and babies can freely explore. They are able to crawl into the box and peer into the mirror or explore mobiles that can be attached, such as those included within the Baby Sensory Centre Accessories set (EY05075), £29.95.

Developed from the observations of a practitioner, the Super Sphere Sorter (EY05084), £59.95 is designed for those children who love posting various sized balls through holes, over and over again. You can use a variety of balls of different sizes. Children can investigate which balls will go through, whilst at the same time looking at themselves through the acrylic mirror. This simple, satisfying resource is in tune with children’s interests and developmental needs. It encourages children to be curious, investigate and assist fine motor skills.

The Black and White Collection within the catalogue features the new Black and White Basket(EY05085), £39.95. There is a great deal of research about how a young baby sees the world and the impact of bold, contrasting shapes which feature on the Black and White Basket. This lovely, soft velour collection is brimming with items to explore. There is soft, smooth and crinkly. Play with the cat, dog, the owl, bird rabbit and ball and find out which ones make a noise. The contents are stored in a lovely soft basket.

It is important to encourage children’s sense of exploration and discovery which is why the Magic Mirrors (EY05078) resource is ideal. Priced at £49.95 this beautifully crafted mirror set can be used in a variety of learning contexts. Place them in different configurations on the wall for a kaleidoscope of colour. They are ideal for sensory rooms as well as babies and toddler areas.


Commenting on the resources for babies and toddlers, Catherine Clark, Director of New Product Development says, “Our understanding and appreciation of the unique child has enabled us to place great emphasis on open-ended resources. We’ve tried to cover all areas of learning. So whether you’re setting up a room for the two year olds or want ideas for your baby room, the catalogue is ideal.”


To receive a copy of the 2014 Babies & Toddlers Catalogue call TTS on 0800 318 686 or for further information on any of these products please visit http://www.tts-shopping.com/earlyyears.


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