TTS Group Ltd have added some new resources to their Marvellous MetallicsTM range. This award winning range has a treasure like quality, they are open-ended to really extend the child’s cognitive development. Children will be drawn to exploring resources that they find appealing. Jewel like colours, mirrored surfaces and interesting textures all give a multi-sensory approach.


Create the wow effect withSuper Shiny Spheres, pictured left (EY06325), a beautiful set of 4 sensory spheres with a textured mirror surface. Light enough for babies and toddlers to manipulate, these Super Shiny Spheres are great for exploring and rolling. The metallic look and intricate patterns on the balls add to the treasure effect. They are multi-sensory, tactile and open-ended and can be used in conjunction with other resources, including other Marvellous MetallicsTM . They are priced at £44.95 and safety tested to be suitable for all ages.

Build towers and castles with Metallic Boulder Blocks, pictured right  (EY06069), an engaging sensory construction set which is priced at £69.95. They can be stacked, sorted and rolled and are great for high level engagement. They are designed to have a sense of challenge, with the children having to determine how to balance the boulders. This set of 12 blocks are finished with a smooth, shiny mirrored effect and are suitable from birth. They are also available as a coloured version –Colourful Metallic Boulders (EY06511).


Children will be fascinated by the new Golden Pebbles, pictured left, available in bronze (EY06632) and gold (EY06518) as well as the original silver Mirror Pebbles(EY04238).  Why not get the children to stack them in a tower and see how tall they can make it before it wobbles. They are a brilliant open-ended resource that is also great for sorting and sequencing and lending itself to different scenarios. The largest pebble can be used in story telling as a giants gold coin. Each set of 20 pebbles includes 4 different sized pebbles.

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