New version of Vocab Express now live

The innovative new version of online vocabulary language learning Vocab Express is now live for the new academic year. It has a new look-and-feel and introduces a number of new features to assist language teaching and learning, as well as a new mobile app for students in response to the need for flexible learning required for success in foreign languages.

At a time when the Government has expressed concerns over a lack of language skills diminishing Britain’s voice in the world, Vocab Express version 2 is designed to engage students further in their learning activity with a new look and feel, and make it easier for teachers to track and monitor their progress to help reverse this trend.

New additions and enhancements to the new version include:

Custom list upload: teachers can now upload custom lists of vocabulary to be learnt alongside the official vocabulary lists from examination boards and text books, providing greater flexibility for homework to be set around specific vocabulary used in class.

A more flexible answer interpreter: This enables synonyms to be accepted as correct answers and alleviates student frustration when they enter a correct translation but it is marked wrong as it is not the answer listed.

Dictation mode: To take advantage of the 50,000+ audio files, students can listen to a vocabulary term in the target language and write it down as such, strengthening their immersion.

An enhanced assignment module: the assignments module allows teachers to set and monitor student homework to provide an extra level of insight. Educators can view a breakdown of key information including the percentage of work completed, total time taken, total number of questions answered and total number of incorrect answers.

Inter-and intra-school championships: In light of the success of the Vocab Express National Language Championships, schools can run their own inter- and intra-school championships. Student participants can be divided into cohorts as required, such as by class or house, and are challenged to test their vocabulary whenever in the academic year is most convenient for the school. This feature will be made available prior to half term.

A mobile app: A new Android app allows students to learn and test their vocabulary knowledge on-the-go at a time and place convenient to them, with all results linked back to their real-time school scoreboards. An iOS version is to follow soon afterwards.

Justin Sycamore, managing director, Vocab Express comments: “At its core, Vocab Express is about making the process of learning foreign languages easier and more engaging for both students and staff. We’ve taken a step back and listened carefully to teachers’ feedback and what else they required from the service. Incorporating this detailed feedback has been crucial in enabling us to develop the new service which we hope can engage students further in language learning and strengthen the nation’s international voice for years to come.”

The new Vocab Express is available now. For more information, please visit www.vocabexpress.com.