TTS Group Ltd, supplier of high quality educational resources to schools and Early Years settings, have a delightful collection of deluxe wooden toys that are especially great for babies and toddlers. Not only are these resources a beautiful collection they are developmentally aligned to children’s interests and behaviours. Sometimes a simple, well designed resource provides the best learning opportunity.

tts_-_wooden_pebbles_2.jpgWooden Pebbles (left) are a beautifully, crafted set of 20 pebbles of differing sizes. This open-ended resource will spark imagination and provide lots of possibilities for play. Made from Beech wood and smooth to the touch, the pebbles can be stacked, rolled and sorted. Children will delight in the natural and tactile nature of this resource, which has a great alternative sensory appeal but is also a good addition to your treasure collection. For ages 10 months and over the Wooden Pebbles (EY05062) set is priced at ÂŁ69.95.


Following on from the delightful Explorer Board, TTS have developed a giant version which is great for collaborative play and learning. Place the Giant Explorer Boardtts_-_giant_explorer_board_3.jpg

(right) on the floor or on a table for children to gather around. Each shape has a peg for young children to grasp and lift to discover what lies beneath. The board can be customised to any theme by inserting your own designs on two A3 sheets. A great way to encourage language, maths, fine motor skills and so much more. Made from Plywood the Giant Explorer Board (EY06291) is suitable for 10 months and over and is priced at ÂŁ64.95.


The beautiful Baby Posting Pots (EY04128) (left) will allow young children to experiment and explore the world around them. They have been specifically developed to support the schemas of enclosure/containing. Made from smooth Rubberwood, these robust posting pots have been aligned to a baby’s developmental needs, as practicing and repetition while emptying and filling the pots can help babies to make strong connections. Included is a set of four pots, each with five chunky shaped posting pieces. Suitable from birth and priced at ÂŁ49.95.

Emma from Busy Bears Children’s Day Nursery says “Babies need opportunities to explore experiment and investigate. By providing open-ended resources you can initiate play of this nature. Encouraging curiosity from a young age builds on the foundations of effective learning. We use these resources in our baby room to compliment the heuristic area where babies can refine their skills.”

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