Bett 2017: B Squared to launch Evisense, innovative evidence management software

B Squared is proud to announce the full launch of Evisense, our brand new web-based tool designed to quickly and easily record key events in a child’s learning journey. Previously available to schools that use our market-leading assessment software, Connecting Steps, from February 2017 all schools will be able to access Evisense and experience the power of our new evidence management software.

Evisense is a revolutionary web-based application that enables teachers to showcase events from a child’s time in education, in order to ‘tell the story’ from Early Years, through Primary and Secondary learning. Designed to provide teachers with a simple and straightforward way to capture evidence, Evisense provides schools with a vital bank of evidence that can be used to moderate, share work and engage parents. Accessible across multiple platforms – including iOS, Android and Amazon Fire apps as well as web browsers – Evisense makes recording and management of evidence easy. Curricular and extra-curricular activities can quickly be captured and uploaded via photos, videos, documents and audio files. Comments can then be added to these events and used to support progress recorded. This evidence can then be linked to assessments, and viewed in multiple ways – by group, pupil, subject and ability. Evisense is also being developed on a multi-language platform, for global use.

As a means of communication, schools can tailor how they use Evisense. Teaching staff can share evidence with parents, electronically or as a printed report, encouraging parental involvement. Evisense can also be used to send newsletters and diary updates, as well as messages to individual parents. As an additional feature, students can be given access to Evisense, contributing to the record of their own learning journey by reviewing and reflecting on their work. 

At B Squared we have over 20 years’ experience within the assessment market. We already host data for some 87,000 pupils and hold more than 175 million data entries as both assessment points and evidence. This gives us an excellent understanding of the importance of safeguarding of data, and we have built unsurpassed security features into Evisense, including encryption of all media files, mobile device security, audit trails and child protection lists. 

“We are excited to be launching Evisense at the Bett Show, it’s a fantastic platform for presenting a new product to the international education market,” stated Dale Pickles, Managing Director of B Squared. “We look forward to showing delegates how this new tool is a unique window into a child’s learning. Evisense can support learning across all education sectors – from the Special Educational Needs sector, where photos and videos can provide a vital bank of evidence to help demonstrate even the smallest of improvements; through to EYFS and Primary education where nursery and teaching staff can quickly and easily share evidence of learning with parents, increasing parental engagement. Within Secondary education, Evisense is particularly powerful, enhancing communication with parents, and allowing students to become involved, by reviewing and reflecting on their work.”