Join fellow teachers, senior leaders, headteachers, and subject heads from across the UK as we explore practical advice and strategies to bridge the attainment gap!


Learn how your school can utilise tutoring to help all students get ahead, regardless of their socioeconomic background, and how you can make a difference with the resources available to you.


Eximus Education will be discussing:

1. Leveraging technology to optimise logistics Explore how teachers and schools can optimise logistics, including the use of technology and effective scheduling, to enhance academic outcomes.

2. 🌟Effective tutoring practices for comprehensive curriculum coverage: Examine how tutoring companies collaborate with schools and children to deliver effective educational support, ensuring alignment with school objectives and student needs.

3. 💸Exploring funding options post-NTP: Discover funding options available post-National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and learn how schools can efficiently utilise resources, including tutors and tutoring, to achieve their curriculum coverage objectives.

4. 🔒Ensuring robust safeguarding measures in external tutoring relationships: Explore best practices and experiences regarding safeguarding measures when utilising external tutoring companies, ensuring student safety and well-being are prioritised.

5. Interactive Q&A: Chat with fellow teachers, exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and collaborate in real time.


Event Details
Date: 7 May, 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:00 PM BST
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Hear about the session from Haris:


About Haris Jawaid

Haris Jawaid is the Founder and CEO of Eximus Education and an award-winning professional tutor. He started tutoring in 2011 alongside pursuing an accountancy career after graduation from The London School of Economics (LSE). He has been an academic high achiever and, in the process, built a good knack for explaining concepts to other students from a young age. This passion was intensified through continuous excellence he achieved in the tutoring field over the years, which made it easy for Haris to choose tutoring as his life project. A Chartered Accountant by background, Haris holds a BSc from Warwick University and an MSc from The London School of Economics. Having worked in the United Nations, Deloitte UK, and NatWest Group, Haris has strived to create an impact in all places he has worked. Haris is a member of the UK Tutors’ Association and the British Mensa Society and was awarded UK’s “People’s Choice: Professional Tutor of the Year” and “Best University-Level Tutor” at the National Tutoring Awards 2023.