Children can now study smarter with Kortext on HP educational devices

Kortext announced today that it is working with HP to help children around the world study smarter. Any child using an HP Windows Education Edition device will now have access to a free library of selected digital textbooks through the Kortext app, providing one-touch access to core textbooks available online and offline for instant, on-the-go learning. The core textbooks will be from renowned publishers Oxford University Press (OUP) and Routledge, with other publishers looking to add to the collection in due course. In addition, the collection is incorporating key Open Education Resource (OER) textbooks from OpenStax. Studying with smart tools such as highlighting, notes and read aloud will enable children to have an intuitive, accessible and more engaging, personalised learning experience.

Enabling and empowering children to use smart technology and learning tools that prepare them for a knowledge-based digital economy and society, is essential in education today. UNESCO cites a lack of access for 600m+ school-aged children who are not achieving minimum proficiency levels, of which 80% are from low and lower-middle income countries. The World Bank also stated that increasing knowledge through free access to world-class content could lead to increases in GDP by over 30%, whilst also nurturing vital life skills, particularly around key STEM subjects, and positively impacting their ability to lead productive adult lives.

The Kortext app will be pre-installed on all HP Windows Education Edition devices distributed globally with content made available through a single-touch download for both online or offline use. The content library comprises a selection of textbooks covering a range of subjects, as well as some key introductory level texts and textbooks which will help English learners find their reading level. Other content will be available for purchase via the Kortext store. Ultimately, detailed content usage analytics will be provided for teachers to better support children through their learning experiences.

“Transforming children’s lives, especially the disadvantaged, through the provision of quality learning opportunities, lies at the heart of Kortext’s mission and culture,” stated James Gray, CEO and Founder of Kortext. “Furthermore, this sustainable initiative to extend these opportunities to potentially millions of children globally through collaborations such as this makes me justifiably proud”.

“HP is committed to supporting students and teachers all over the world,” said Gus Schmedlen, Vice President of Worldwide Education at HP. “Our collaboration with Kortext with its vast content library, learning tools and the provision of its analytics tools to our education solutions, deepens our commitment to improve learning outcomes for all students, anytime and anywhere.”

Group Sales Director for Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) Christoph Chesher added,

“We believe that access to quality digital educational resources can fundamentally change children’s lives. We are proud to be associated with this initiative and to help support children’s education around the world.”


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About Kortext
Kortext is a world-leading digital textbook and personal study platform that delivers access to over
500,000 etextbooks from over 1,000 publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Cengage, Oxford University Press, McGraw Hill, Pearson, Taylor & Francis and Wiley. Kortext supplies digital content to students all over the world and provides services to over 100 UK universities including Manchester University, Middlesex University, Plymouth University, Coventry University, Judge Business School Cambridge and Imperial College. Our partners now include the Ministry of Basic Education in Botswana where a pilot to improve student outcomes has also started. Students now have the ability, through the Kortext Platform, to also download other content such as course packs, lecture notes, presentation slides and scientific papers into their Personal Digital Library. The smart tools on the Kortext Platform allow learners to annotate, view interactive content and collaborate with peers, meaning they can connect with content in a more engaging manner.

Kortext’s flexible content delivery enhances campus, blended and distance learning, thus allowing institutions to reach more students, wherever they choose to study. For universities looking to expand both their physical and online course offerings, the growth in blended and online learning provides a viable way to increase their student numbers beyond on-campus capacity. In a climate where studying is becoming an increasingly global activity, Kortext makes supporting new student cohorts easier and quicker. Kortext also provides analytics dashboards, which give deeper insights into learning habits, inform decision making and help create personalized learning paths. The Kortext Platform is being adopted worldwide, from single courses to whole countries, helping learners study anytime, anywhere.

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