Here at Playforce we’re launching a new campaign to get our children active!

We don’t have to tell you about the increasing problem with childhood obesity that we are facing.  Nor do we have to tell you that schools and early years settings face an up-hill battle to promote best practice and work together with parents to make a difference.  It’s not just a case of making sure children eat healthily but ensuring that they spend more of their days active and engaged outdoors… and that’s where Playforce comes in!

Over the years that we’ve been working with schools and settings, we’ve learnt a great deal about the ways outdoor play can be used for learning and social development.  We’re passionate about the health of our children and that’s why we’ve launched a campaign to get our children active and combat childhood obesity.

‘Combating Childhood Obesity’ has been launched to follow on from Childhood Obesity Week (2 – 6 July 2012).

Over the course of the summer and autumn term, we’ll be releasing lots of resources and information to help make a difference.

Some of the information we’ll be releasing:

  • WHITE PAPER: So, what are we facing? – a white paper outlining the facts relating to childhood obesity in the UK and the problems our schools and settings face.  This paper will draw on current research available as well as include reference to our own, first-hand research amongst schools and early years settings.
  • SURVEY: What do you think? – We’ve surveyed headteachers and early years managers across the UK.  What do they think the barriers to success are?  What can we do to help?  How can we all work together better? 
  • RESOURCE CARDS: Some practical help – How can you get your children active without impacting on curriculum time?  How can they learn about being healthy, without it feeling like a lecture?  We understand that it’s no help just telling teachers they need to do it, we need to work together to help.
  • RESEARCH: How active are our children really? – We’ve tested children across the UK to see how active they really are.  You might be surprised at the results!
  • GUIDANCE: Need more information? – Where can you go for help and ideas?  A helpful guide to the resources currently out there.
  • DISCUSSION: What next? – We’ve spoken to some of the sector’s leading experts on this subject to get their views on things we should be doing to combat childhood obesity in schools and early years settings.  This will be reported on and published as a guidance note. 

Playforce’s Managing Director, Colin MacAdam said: “It is very easy to deflect responsibility for society’s weight-related ills to others but I feel it is incumbent on each of us to make a contribution to their resolution. This can be in the form of one’s own relationship with food and exercise and/or it can be through practical steps to encourage others to adopt a positive and educated association with healthy habits. It is natural for children to seek the security of role models when shaping their characters, and general wellbeing is no different. Family, teachers, sports stars and celebrities will all affect a child’s perspective on what matters in life. Our research is an extension of our wish to contribute to the positive environment in which a child grows and develops, through the provision of creative outdoor play equipment. We want to go further and endeavour to make a difference in the best way we can. In short, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem!” 

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