Education site managers do not need to replace any existing security equipment! Metro Security (GB) PLC is reminding those responsible for ensuring duty of care towards staff, students and site visitors that education site security and fire protection systems can be modified, enhanced, expanded and integrated with new equipment to improve their current safeguarding capabilities. Metro Security can cost-effectively upgrade these pre-installed systems, adding operational value to their performance and maximizing your duty of care – without the investment implications, or disruption, of replacing everything…

Extract more from your existing system

Are you concerned that your on-site safeguarding systems – including security and fire equipment – need updating? Do they still provide what you need? or should they be expanded to cope with your current needs?

We recognise that schools, academies, colleges, universities and other educational providers must work within limited budgets. So improving on-site safeguarding, while using existing security and fire systems, is often a necessity.

Metro Security can take over current equipment, making the most cost-effective changes and enhancements to bring your current system up to date. That means the lowest investment required, with the added benefit of minimal disruption.

What’s involved?

We can integrate your site’s existing physical and electronic security systems with new devices, along with your current fire detection and extinguishing equipment. Our one-stop service can modify, enhance and expand your…

  • Intruder alarm system
  • Access control equipment
  • CCTV cameras
  • Electro-mechanical locks
  • Door entry systems
  • Security lighting
  • Visitor management system
  • Fire alarms/extinguishing system

Maintenance and monitoring back-up

Metro Security’s service includes the reassurance of full maintenance for all legacy systems, including analogue CCTV cameras, ensuring this equipment’s continued operation on-site.

Our one-stop design, specification, installation, commissioning and maintenance service also includes 24/7 response capabilities from our in-house monitoring centre, backed up by Metro Security’s 35+ years’ operating pedigree.

Further details: http://www.metrosecurity.co.uk