The EDLounge platform will be hence forth be re-branded as EDClass delivered by EDClass Ltd.

This month you will notice some changes to the look, feel and communication from EDLounge Ltd, as our alternative provision facilities will become EDClass delivered by EDClass Ltd.

This article will explain what this means and what EDLounge Ltd will become.

Who is EDClass Ltd and what is EDClass?

EDClass Ltd is the new company which will continue to develop online solutions for schools, academies and local authorities. Exactly the same as what EDLounge Ltd has successfully delivered for over a decade. The focus for EDClass Ltd is to produce products for the under 16’s educational environment.

EDClass will continue to provide a robust and fully safeguarded alternative provision service and will take-over from where EDLounge Ltd and the EDLounge platform left off. Phew!

The EDClass platform will now provide more live teaching, learning and support through its virtual platform alongside the original lessons, content and assessment structures, with the vision to still help students break down barriers to their learning. It is ideal to be used as a homework tool or as a cover lesson solution.

In the current climate it is an exceptional resource for students who cannot attend mainstream classrooms. The virtual environment enables teachers and senior leaders to continue delivery of any curriculum. Schools are safe in the knowledge that accurate safeguarding protocols are being adhered to, the system will show you exactly who is attending with a live interactive video conferencing stream. The system will notify the relevant parties when a student has not attended and if that student has signed in from a different establishment, other than their home or authorised place of study.  


So, what will EDClass do?

EDClass will continue to provide innovative ways to support students with many different, difficult and challenging needs:


  • Mental health problems
  • Long-term illness
  • Exclusion
  • 6th day provision
  • Home-educated
  • Persistently absent
  • School phobic
  • Vulnerable
  • At risk
  • Disengaged
  • Demotivated
  • Low level disruptive behaviour


To all our current customers please do not worry, the system you know and love will still be there we’re just giving it a face-lift. You won’t even realise with its smooth transition. You will still be able to log in with your same username and password, we can’t wait until you see our new look.

Safeguarding is still of the utmost importance to us through this new look and the system will still hold its highly recommended and award-winning features.



The reason for this separation is that EDLounge Ltd will solely be focusing on being the training provider of choice. EDLounge Ltd will be a lead in government funded accredited and non-accredited courses and qualifications for employers, employees, apprentices, trainees and help other training providers.

EDLounge will be closely scrutinised by government authorities due to its contracts and we believe to make this a stand-alone entity would make the structure easier to understand. EDLounge Ltd would be a company that finds innovative ways of helping educate learners 16 and older. 

In short…….

The change is to make each entity easy to understand…..

EDClass Ltd and EDClass is now the same go-to company for educational innovation for learners aged 16 and under just as EDLounge was.

…. And EDLounge Ltd is now the training provider of choice for all government funded educational courses, qualifications, standards and frameworks for all learners aged 16 and older.

We will be making some changes to our websites.

Check them out:

Please contact us to find out more. 01909 568 338