Educater announce Rising Stars partnership

Educater is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership which will see the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks incorporated into its STATonline primary assessment tool, enabling teachers to record pupil progress, gather evidence and plan against the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks.

Frameworks for English, Maths, Science, Computing and History will be included as an option alongside Educater’s current content partners STAT Sheffield and NAHT Assessment Frameworks. Educater is now in a position to incorporate any school content into its STATonline assessment tracker.

Rising Stars released the Progression Frameworks following the launch of the new curriculum in 2014 to help teachers identify gaps in children’s learning across the curriculum. The frameworks break down the curriculum into individual statements with “what to look for” guidance to help teachers make reliable judgements about children’s knowledge and understanding throughout the primary years.

Educater’s Director Gareth Heggie said: “We are very pleased to have developed a close relationship with Rising Stars and to be able to include their frameworks into our STATonline pupil assessment system. 

“Rising Stars share our dedication in providing an online, working solution that helps pupils progress and reach their true potential. These frameworks have already proven to be a valuable resource for schools and significantly saves time for teachers when planning lessons.” 

Katie Blainey, Publishing Director at Rising Stars, added, “We are delighted to be working with Educater to provide schools with access to the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks through the STATonline assessment system.

“We hope that the frameworks will continue to support teachers with making well-informed judgements about children’s learning across the school.”

For more information on the Educater’s STATonline module, please visit https://www.educater.co.uk/view-the-modules/statonline