FREE speech and language resources to support your children at home

FREE speech and language resources to support your children at home.  Support doesn’t have to stop because schools are closed.


Welcome to our new parent’s support site for children with speech and language difficulties.

At Speech Link Multimedia Ltd we believe that every child should have access to support for their speech, language and communication needs to help them reach their full potential.

We are a team of speech and language therapists, educators and software engineers who develop packages of assessments and interventions for schools called Speech Link and Language Link. We have put together some of our activities and games from our award-winning packages for you to use at home.

Our speech activities will help your child to hear the difference between speech sounds (sound discrimination) and to identify sounds at the beginning and ends of words (phonics). These skills are important for both talking and reading. Our language activities will help develop your child’s ability to follow instructions, understand talking and learn new words more easily.

In the coming weeks you will be able to hear our speech and language therapy podcasts about how to encourage your child’s talking at home and we will be adding more games and activities. We hope you and your child enjoy using this website.



Please access the Parent Portal at  https://speechandlanguage.info/parents


“This couldn’t be more timely – thank you so much for this!  This will be brilliant to signpost our families to”


Sarah Courtney

Speech and Language Therapist


“You guys are amazing and this is such a fantastic resource. I will let our parents know and they will be so grateful”

Claire Wapshare

SENCo Clayton’s Primary School Bucks


“That is so exciting! I knew it was on the way and great that you have been able to release it earlier than planned. Congratulations”

Kim Griffin

Occupational Therapist