GCSEPod offers free STEM access until July 2024

Access Education has an exciting initiative aimed at revolutionising STEM education in schools across the UK. As part of their mission to ignite a passion for learning and inspire the next generation of innovators, the experts at Access Education are offering free access to all STEM subjects on GCSEPod until July 2024!


Why free access to STEM on GCSEPod?

Recent statistics from UCAS reveal a significant surge in young people pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects at university. Since 2011, there has been unprecedented growth in students opting for STEM disciplines like Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, marking a transformative shift in educational preferences. Notably, there has been a remarkable 400% increase in acceptances for students aspiring to study Artificial Intelligence courses, reflecting the increasing relevance of emerging technologies.

This trend underscores the profound impact of early STEM education on higher education pathways. Access to STEM subjects on GCSEPod is crucial in nurturing this trend, as it not only equips students with essential knowledge but also cultivates a passion for STEM fields, thereby addressing the STEM skills shortage and fostering economic growth and societal advancement.

By offering free access to STEM subjects until July 2024, GCSEPod empowers schools to play a pivotal role in shaping a future where innovation, technology, and scientific exploration drive progress and prosperity.


What is GCSEPod?

GCSEPod is a leading evidence-based GCSE content and curriculum platform, renowned for its ability to raise student attainment and transform academic outcomes. Users typically achieve at least one grade higher, on average, than non-users. With GCSEPod, educators can set homework and lessons in seconds, track results, monitor usage, and provide tailored support to each student. The platform seamlessly integrates content, assessment, and data, offering a personalised learning experience that ensures knowledge retention and fosters outstanding results.

Trusted by over 1,700 subscribing schools, GCSEPod provides high-quality Key Stage 3, GCSE, and IGCSE content and assessment. Teachers rely on the platform to reduce their workload and empower their students to achieve more.

By joining the STEM impact program, educators can witness firsthand the remarkable success of GCSEPod and prepare to see their students excel in STEM like never before.


Join GCSEPod in shaping the future of education

This initiative aims to inspire a new generation of innovators, scientists, engineers, and problem solvers.

With free access to STEM subjects on GCSEPod until July 2024, schools have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their students and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Sign up for free access to GCSEPod’s STEM impact program today and embark on a journey towards academic excellence and student success. Visit GCSEPod’s STEM page for more information.