For the last few months, we have had over 50 Kumon Education Centers using GeniusOne to manage their centers’ operations and providing valuable feedback. We thank all of our customers for helping us become a GO-TO solution for Education Center Management. To cap our achievements this year, we joined BESA (British Education Suppliers Association) as a launchpad subscriber which is a mark of providing a high-quality solution in the UK Education Industry.

But most importantly, these centers have been recommending our solutions to fellow instructors and colleagues at Kumon. Being a start-up we have always appreciated the word of mouth and have been thinking of how best to reward these efforts and loyalty towards GeniusOne.

Today we announce a major development in that area along with some exciting promotions for 2021.

We have been hard at work to reward our loyal instructors and we are very excited to launch our REFERRAL PROGRAM. With this Referral system, every education center that subscribes to our solution will be eligible to earn GeniusCredit every time they refer a new instructor to GeniusOne(www.geniusone.uk) or FastMeets (https://learning.fastmeets.com), and they sign-up and pay for our Annual Subscription. GeniusCredit can then be used to purchase additional services, add-ons, and subscriptions from our store.

In 2021, we are also launching a limited-time promotion on our annual GeniusOne and FastMeets subscription which has been discounted 20% from their regular price. This pricing is valid until 31st March 2021 and is a good time for new centers to sign up.

To start you all off on this journey, we will credit all new GeniusOne accounts with 50 GeniusCredit (worth £5) if signed up and paid by 31st March 2021.

We hope that GeniusOne and FastMeets continue to be a reliable solution for all your center management needs and online teaching.

Contact us at info@geniusone.uk for more information