Groundbreaking AI technology launched in Lebanese schools

Groundbreaking AI technology launched in Lebanese schools by Ministry of Education Lebanon and U.K. AI-Education company CENTURY-tech

The Ministry of Education, Lebanon, and U.K. AI-Education company, CENTURY-tech, announce an exciting launch of artificial intelligence technology in schools in Lebanon.

On September 7th and 8th, 2018, CENTURY Tech joined eleven other British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) members in Lebanon on the largest education mission since 2012. The delegates visited local schools and met with officials and ministers. The mission sought to explore use of UK Edtech in Lebanese education systems.

During the course of the visit, members of London-based CENTURY Tech’s team and it’s Founder and CEO Priya Lakhani launched the groundbreaking AI-driven learning platform in a group of public schools as a pilot after months of planning with the Ministry of Education. Lakhani noted ‘concerted, strategic effort went into planning this pilot. It’s thanks to the dedication of all in the partnership that we launch the programme today; confident we’re providing the schools a powerful, timely means to effective education.’

This new partnership builds on the platform’s established success in the United Kingdom and across international schools globally. CENTURY Tech’s growing international profile speaks to the platform’s versatility in providing effective personalised education to students in any context. CENTURY’s mission is to deliver exceptional education for every child regardless of background or experience, and now the team have proved location is no barrier to the breadth of their vision. His Excellency, Minister Hamade, Ministry of Education in Lebanon enthused, ‘this exciting opportunity to use artificial intelligence in four of our schools is very timely from our perspective, as the effective use of technology is a common element across every theme that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is working on.’

Over the last few years, Lebanon has proved itself as a country actively using technology for rapid social and structural growth and is addressing the need for accessible, effective education for the country’s population of Syrian and Palestinian refugee children. Lebanon has more refugees per capita than any country in the world. It’s integral solutions are found to ensure that all children in Lebanon are secured an exceptional education.

This new pilot project will provide Lebanese public schools access to CENTURY Tech’s innovative personalised learning platform, ensuring a top-tier education is accessible to all children.

Mr. Yarak, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Lebanon noted the project’s particular aptitude to ‘combine two of the tenets of the Ministry’s 2030 Strategy: evidence-based decision-making and the integration of technology into education to improve learning outcomes. Through real-time data, educators will be able to identify student’s learning needs, monitor their performance, and adjust teaching accordingly.’