Homework? How can that be exciting, Pobble? Well let us tell you…

We’re not huge fans of homework either, especially during the summer break. A few years ago, in jest, we created an alternative task for teachers to set their class. It was the perfect balance of super-fun activities, educational tasks and treasured skills.

The best homework ever was a massive hit! We were astounded that this resource got hundreds of thousands of views across Pobble, Facebook and Twitter. Even better was the fact that teachers and parents got involved and shared all the fun they’d been having with us on Twitter! A tradition was born.


This year, we’ve revamped The Best Homework Ever! This is ideal for teachers and parents looking for ways to keep their little ones entertained during the school break. There are 30 fun and meaningful ideas to choose from. The children can pick their favourites or complete them all!

Download and print your copy of The Best Homework Ever.

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