Introducing the GCSE Survival Guide – practical advice for parents of Y9-11s

As a new cohort of students embark upon their GCSE journey and others begin to think about their mocks, Tassomai has published a series of expert blogs and a detailed (free) guide for parents to help them navigate what can be a challenging time for families.



Tassomai’s 28-page ‘GCSE Survival Guide’ has been compiled with the help of subject specialists, education experts and mental health campaigners to try to break down what parents need to know about this milestone in their child’s education and what to expect.


Our contributors share advice on everything from revision techniques to supporting teenagers’ mental wellbeing.


The guide is free to download from our website at:



If you’re a teacher and you think this guide might be helpful for parents at your school please share the download link with them and likewise if you’re a parent, please pass the URL onto any friends and family who might be interested.


If you would like to mention the guide on social media please feel free to share our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram posts.

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